One Commitment

One Commitment Makes a Big Difference!

How to serve Tucson Central

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  • Taking Donors Seriously

    Help Raise Support from Businesses.
  • Prayer Warrior

    Seek prayer requests from Tucson Central Leaders.
  • Mentor a Leader

    All disciples need good elders to advise them.
  • Lead a Small Group

    All Leaders need a small group.
  • Adopt-a-Team

    (Provide dinner & a place for a team of leaders to meet 1/month)
  • Club Snacks

    Simple finger snacks (fruit, cookies, granola bars) $$ for snacks
  • Camp Send-Off

    Check-In (1-2 Hrs)
    Summer Camp (Early Morning)
    Winter Camp (Mid-Afternoon)
  • Thanking Club Hosts

    Monthly call, note, gift to support those hosting club at their house.
  • Thanking Leaders

    Monthly call, note, gift for a team of Leaders for volunteering their time.
  • Leader Christmas Gifts

    Baking or Assemble Gifts or Donate $ for gifts
  • Attend a Committee Meeting

    We always need involved parents and community stakeholders to help us invest in kids.
  • Host YL

    Host club at your home for a school year, usuall once a week, totaly of 6-12 per semester.
  • All-Area Leader Planning

    Host or help at monthly Meetings for 15-20 leaders.
  • Provide a dinner item

    For a leader meeting or other event.
  • Be an Adult Guest

    Come to our Fantastic Guest Lodge at YoungLife Camp in Williams, AZ and experience the best week of kids lives first-hand.
  • May Golf Tournament

    Play or Sponsor or Volunteer.
  • No time?

    I just don't have the time but I would love to donate money!

    Donate to Young Life Tucson

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To serve, get more info and keep up date with what Young Life is doing in Central Tucson

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